Extreme E and Count Us In

Extreme E Count Us In Challenge

Extreme E and Count Us In have joined forces to launch the Extreme E Count Us In Challenge - a campaign using the power of sport, and the excitement of motor racing to inspire fans to take practical steps on climate change.

  • Timmy Hansen profile with a Count Us In sticker
  • Jenson Button with a Drive Electric sticker
  • Catie Munnings with a Buy Sustainable Palm Oil sticker
  • Stephane Sarrazin with a Eat Sustainable Fish sticker
  • Jamie Chadwick with a Grow Some Trees sticker
  • Kyle Leduc
  • Molly Taylor with Volunteer sticker
  • Claudia Hurtgen with a Drink Tap Water sticker
  • Johan Kristoffersson with Walk & Cycle More sticker
  • Oliver Bennett with Eat More Plants sticker
  • Christine Giampaoli with Tell Your Politicians sticker
  • Cristine Gutierrez with a Talk To Friends sticker
  • Sebastien Loeb with a Speak Up At Work sticker
  • Laia Sanz with a Cut Food Waste sticker
  • Sara Price with a Dial It Down sticker
  • Carlos Sainz with a Fly Less sticker
  • Mattias Ekstrom with a Switch Your Energy sticker

Join us on our journey

Motor racing has always been a hub of transport innovation and Extreme E represents the latest clean technology, running X Prixs in some of Earth’s most remote and stunning locations, which aim to raise awareness for the climate crisis.

We’re inviting fans to follow our journey - and to back their favourite teams in the Extreme E Count Us In challenge by taking steps that contribute to a greener future.

woman in a driver's mask looking directly at the camera
McLaren Extreme E


Ahead of joining Extreme E's Season 2 in 2022, McLaren Racing is striding forward in its “Fearless Pursuit of Better” to contribute to a cleaner future for all. And you can join McLaren’s Extreme E team on this journey today!

Commit to taking a step in your own life and see your impact add up to something bigger - for your chosen Extreme E team and for the planet.

Join the Extreme E Count Us In Challenge. Take A Step.

Extreme E Count Us In Challenge

Make changes that matter

Extreme E aims to accelerate the adoption of clean and electrified transport to help protect people and the planet. We’re doing our part by committing to the UN’s Race to Zero campaign and taking a 100% electric racing expedition to extreme environments to highlight the impact of climate change on our planet.

Join us and play a part by taking a step to reduce your own carbon footprint. Working together, we can encourage governments, cities and businesses to accelerate progress on this transition to a cleaner, healthier thriving future for all.

electric car by a cliff with dust cloud
Race to Zero

The Extreme E Count Us In Challenge supports the UN's Race To Zero campaign.