Do you have some extra time or a skill that could be put to good use? Volunteer to help the environment or people in your community.



In terms of impact on reducing your carbon pollution, this depends on what you choose to do. Volunteering locally for an environmental charity will have a bigger impact than travelling abroad to work in turtle conservation, but that’s not to say one is more important than the other.

There are other benefits. Volunteering is fun and fulfilling. Many volunteers report a sense of personal achievement and feel they make a positive difference. In fact, the United Nations recognises the important role of volunteers in helping to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


Decide where you would like to help

i.e. environment, community, poverty, sport, education, crime/justice

Consider what you have to offer

How much time you have and what skills could be useful

Look for opportunities

Local community groups and charity websites are good places to start. If you work for a company, ask if there are any opportunities for team volunteering.

Sign up

Have fun and do good!


Impact metric assumptions:

Because of the flexible nature of this step, we can't assign a carbon calculation to it.