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Extreme E: The Electric Odyssey

Extreme E and Count Us In have joined forces to launch the Extreme E Count Us In Challenge - a campaign that inspires fans to take climate action.

Our mission

Extreme E is creating a challenging racing expedition, a global odyssey, taking 100% electric SUVs to extreme environments. We are doing this with a single goal in mind - to highlight the destruction of our planet and to inspire people, companies and locations to urgently change course and go on the positive journey we must all take. We aim to inspire everyone we interact with to change course for the good of our home planet.

Through the Extreme E Count Us In Challenge, we’re creating a simple way for people to take practical and impactful steps that reduce their carbon footprint. By taking steps, fans will reduce their own carbon footprint - and challenge governments, cities and businesses to accelerate progress on climate action.

Join the Extreme E Count Us In Challenge. Take A Step.

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Why join the Extreme E Count Us In Challenge?

The Extreme E Count Us In Challenge comes at a critical moment of opportunity as the car industry, investors and policymakers commit to cleaning up the transportation system that fuels our cities, businesses, schools, homes and lives. What citizens do this year has the potential to drive ambition and accelerate change.

The transport revolution is already upon us. You can drive it faster.

What we know

Odds are, everything you own has at some point travelled by road, a major source of the toxic air pollution that is literally choking us to death. In fact, Harvard University researchers have found that one in ten people die from the effects of air pollution. That’s more than eight times the deaths in any year than the 2020 COVID-19 toll.

What we can expect

Thanks to brilliant technologies and many governments instituting bans on tailpipe pollution, the International Energy Agency predicts an end to petrol engines by the 2040s, thirty years earlier than their 2016 outlook. Already in 2020 electric vehicle sales surged by 43% (vs 6% in 2019) and availability of charging improved by 89% globally. Technology gets things started but we the people make better them commonplace.

What you can do

Taking meaningful, simple steps in your own daily life can show companies and governments it’s time to shift gears and speed things up. We stand at the precipice of the greatest opportunity humanity has ever faced: the race to a cleaner, healthier, thriving future for all. Can we count you in?

Climate change is real

Over 99% of scientists agree. It’s real. It’s here. People are responsible for it. And if we do nothing, things will get much worse for us all. Some of us have already had our lives overturned by climate change. Many of us haven’t - yet. As the world gets hotter, floods, fires, droughts, pollution and crop failures will become more severe and disrupt life as we know it all over the world. Many of the things we take for granted will be taken away from us - forever. It is not too late. We have a choice, and what we do matters. We can act now to protect our livelihoods and our communities, and leave a world for our children that is worth living for.

The carbon dioxide we release into the atmosphere is the biggest driver of global climate change. It creates a blanket of pollution that traps heat from the sun and won’t let it escape. The more of it there is in our atmosphere, the hotter our planet gets.

If we want to stop temperatures rising much higher we need to work fast to reduce the amount of carbon pollution we create.

Find out more about our calculations in the FAQ.

Why Carbon?

Join the Extreme E Count Us In Challenge. Take A Step.